Release Date 12 December 2019
Genre(s) Action, Thriller, Disaster , Comedy
Starring Lee Byung-hun, Ha Jung-woo, Ma Dong-seok

What's it about?

A volcano erupts and starts to cause chaos in Korea. A professor who predicted this would happen is called in to provide his 3 year old advice to people who previously ignored him in an attempt to stop more eruptions. His plan involves nuclear explosions.

So the Korean government send an agent into North Korea, because they have nukes, to liberate a solider who knows the location of the nukes so they can set them off in time. Meanwhile, American and Chinese soldiers meddle in the plan.

Is it worth watching?

It feels like someone watched the Chinese movie Skyfire and said “we can make a movie worse than that!”

They tried, but ultimately failed because nothing is as bad as Skyfire, but this got pretty close.

Three of the biggest Korean male actors of our time star in this disaster of a disaster film, delivering a mixture of ridiculous and unconvincing performances that just boggle the mind.

The story is silly, but that’s fine. It’s really not meant to be taken seriously,

On a positive note, being a Korean film, it looks terrific. Impressive effects are visual eye candy. But then so was Skyfire