September 30! Finally, the highly anticipated Peter Chan directed movie, starring everyone's favourite Chinese leading lady Gong Li, will be released in the cinemas.

Ever since late last year, we have been following this movie. The Arty Dans is a very big sports-movie lover, and while he doesn't know too much about volleyball, he knows enough to understand that in 2016 the Chinese Women's Volleyball team was unstoppable at the Rio Olympic games.

The above trailer, which we titled "Trailer 02" has always been one of our favourites, and was one of our most favourite trailers to translate. It's the trailer where a young Lang Ping, played by Lang Ping's real life daughter Lydia Bai, makes a promise with the young Zhonghe Chen about coaching the volleyball team. They met years later as opposing coaches, when Lang Ping was in charge of the USA team. 

Fun Fact: the above trailer, which we have titled "Trailer 01" was the first trailer that Asian Film Fans translated into English. An awesome trailer, this one introduces the audience to Lang Ping as she returns to her original training grounds and remembers the unstoppable team she played in back in the 1970s. 

But when it comes to this movie, it wasn't just trailers we translated. Check out these two special clips. The first one is an interview with Peter Chan and featuring Gong Li and the team talking about replicating the Olympic Quarterfinal game from 2016

Along with the awesome Huang Bo, this movie features the real team members of the 2016 Gold Medal team, including the highest paid and most respected athlete in volleyball - the amazing Zhu Ting. 

Originally set for the 2020 Chinese New Year holiday period, alongside other movies such as Jackie Chan's Vanguard, Dante Lam's The Rescue, the third Detective Chinatown movie and the animation blockbuster Jiang Ziya, it's great to see Leap will finally see the light of day!

As always, Asian Film Fans has translated the original Chinese trailer, adding English subtitles for you to fully enjoy.

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