Director Guo Jingming
Starring Kris Wu, Chen Xuedong, William Chan, Jackson Yee
Alternative Names 冷血狂宴

Welcome to our short review of Legend Of Ravaging Dynasties 2

What’s this movie about?

Stick with me as I try to explain this confusing mess of a film.

Silver and Lotus, I think it was Lotus – that’s what the subtitle said – team up with YouHua and Silver’s disciple Chiling to try and rescue Silver’s Duke Gilgamesh, who is trapped in a place under the sea. I think.

But since its not going to be that simple, the bad guys Dark and Thalia – sorry I lost her name – are trying to stop them. The priestess also has a plan that involves the characters played by Duo Wang and Jackson Yee, who looks kinda cool in this movie, to stop them.

Is it Worth Watching?

Did you like the first one? I didn’t. I only tolerated it because Fan Bingbing was in it, but because she has been exorcised from this film, I had no real interest in this other than the hype.

And the hype is way too much.

Guo Jingming has a creative imagination, and he writes some interesting films including the upcoming End of Endless Love and Yin Yang Master. Both of those look infinitely more interesting than this film.

By removing Fan Bingbing and her character, the first 30 minutes or so are a bit of mess and it tries to both plug in the gaps and pretend she never existed in the first place.

At times this film felt like a video game. It was almost like Bloodborne had come to life. The movie looks beautiful at times, but other times there are quite average visuals including some poor animations, especially when the characters jump.

This is a tough one to recommend for anyone but fans, so I am not going to recommend this.