Now that cinemas are starting to open in Asia, the Hong Kong movie industry is starting to release the movies they have been holding onto! We've seen the release of Declared Legally Dead last month, with The Fallen and Fatal Visit also due out before the end of the year.

And today we found this!

From Louis Koo's production house One Cool Films comes this interesting looking thriller starring Stephy Tang and Philip Keung. Check out the trailer below

From the official summary: With the mystical power to delve into people’s subconscious, Ching, a psychiatrist, discovers that a social worker is compelled by an inner voice to kill his family and commit suicide. Suspecting his former psychiatrist, Ching collaborates with a cop to investigate, which leads to a revelation from her own traumatized past, and casts a doubt over her motivation. In his first bigscreen adventure, Glenn Chan delivers an exceptional psychological crime thriller that explores the dichotomy of good and evil lurking in our shadows.

Due to release in November in Hong Kong, hopefully we will see this one west-side soon after!

As always, Asian Film Fans has translated the original Chinese trailer, adding English subtitles for you to fully enjoy.

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