Coffee or Tea? (China 2020) - Movie Review

Three friends living in small village create a worldwide coffee bean business
Director Derek Hui
Starring Liu Haoran, Peng Yuchang, Fang Yin, Zhou Tan
Alternative Names 一点就到家

Welcome to our short review of the Chinese comedy Coffee Or Tea?

What’s this movie about?

A young entrepreneur leaves Beijing after a series of failures. He meets up with a man returning to his home village to start a delivery service.

While at the village, they discover an old friend living there who has developed a unique coffee bean flavour, and together they use their individual skills to produce, sell and deliver the beans to all of China, as well as exporting it to the world.

Is it Worth Watching?

This is definitely a very traditional style Chinese comedy film, with a lot of high energy and slapstick humour, and luckily for the international audience it mostly works well.

Starring Detective Chinatown’s Liu Haoran, Leap’s Peng Yuchang and Better Days’ Fang Yin, there is plenty of star power here, with famous Hong Kong director Peter Ho-Sun Chan as the producer.

Set in a lush farming village in Yunnan, the colour grading applied to the film helps the scenery pop, with vibrant greens, frequent sun flares and a soothing blue used for night time scenes.

The pace of the movie is brisk, moving along quickly meaning it can at times be a little confusing, it’s also not helped with the overuse of rather poor CGI effects, especially when it comes to animals.

Performances are solid, the story is entertaining, the ending is satisfying and it doesn’t monopolise too much of your time.

I give this a thumbs up.