Deliver Us From Evil: This Upcoming Korean Crime Action Thriller Could Be The Standout Action Thriller for 2020

Deliver Us From Evil is a Korean action film that brings back together veteran actors Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-jae for what could be the stand out...

Deliver Us From Evil is a Korean action film that brings back together veteran actors Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-jae.

Not to be confused with the 2014 American horror film of the same title, Deliver Us From Evil is a story about an assassin, In-nam (Hwang Jung-min), who had just finished his last murder for hire before heading to Thailand to tackle a kidnapping case closely related to him. Ray (Lee Jung-jae) plays an opposing character who goes to Thailand to take revenge on In-nam for killing his brother.

This film is a reunion project for Hwang and Lee, who previously starred together in the 2013 hit crime drama movie New World. Joining the cast is Park Jung-min, who also starred with Hwang in the mystery thriller Svaha: The Sixth Finger. Choi Hee-seo (Moon Choi), who earned several awards for Best New Actress for portraying Fumiko Kaneko in the 2017 film Anarchist from Colony, is also a part of the cast. Other actors include Park Myung-hoon (Parasite), Oh Dae-hwan (The Great Battle), and Shim Young-Eun.

This movie is the second film to be directed by Director Hong Won-chan, who debuted as a director in 2015 with the slasher-thriller film Office, which premiered at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival’s Midnight Screenings. Director Hong also took part in writing well-acclaimed movies: The Chaser (2008), The Scam (2009), The Yellow Sea (2010), and the Confession of Murder (2012).

Deliver Us From Evil also boasts renowned individuals working behind the camera from cinematographer Hong Kyeong-pyo (Parasite) to composer Mowg (The Age of Shadows). Taking part in the production are Cho Hwa-sung (Inside Men) for production designs, Chae Gyeong-hwa (1987: When the Day Comes) for costume designs, and Son Eun-joo (The King) for the make-up and hair.

The movie was filmed in three different countries: South Korea, Japan, and Thailand from September 23, 2019, to January 23, 2020.

Deliver Us From Evil is set to be released in July this year and will be distributed by CJ Entertainment.

Are you ready for this action-packed movie? Because we sure are!