I'm Livin' It (Hong Kong 2020) - Movie Review

A sad tale of a group of homeless friends who support each other as they try to survive day to day in Hong Kong
Director Hing Fan Wong
Starring Aaron Kwok, Miriam Yeung, Alex Man
Alternative Names 麥路人

Welcome to our short review of the Aaron Kwok drama film I'm Livin' It.

What’s this movie about?

Bowen, played by screen legend Aaron Kwok, was once a superstar owning his own financial firm. But after losing everything and spending a stint in prison, he is now broke and homeless, spending his nights in a 24-hour fast food restaurant with a group of other homeless friends while working odd jobs during the day.

The group are like a family, made up of a single mother and her young daughter, a failed cabaret singer, a widow who doesn’t want to go home, a talented artist who sells sketches on the streets and a young boy with a tough home life.

The movie follows their ups and downs, celebrating the small triumphs while battling with the constant obstacles that always pop up in their way.

Is it Worth Watching?

Bring your tissues, because this is one very sad movie.

Brilliant performances from the head stars like Aaron Kwok, Miriam Yeung, Alex Man and Cheung Tat-ming, bring life to director Hing Fan Wong’s debut film.

Using the McDonalds’-like fast food restaurant as the group meeting place, the audience rides the characters journey while learning their tragic backstories as they comfort and look out for one another.

For every positive scene, unfortunately there are many non-so-positive ones, with the movie reminding us that while the world has turned their back on them, they haven’t turned their backs on each.

This is second saddest movie I have ever seen. Nothing will ever be sadder than Grave Of The Fireflies, but just like that movie, this is an excellent film and an absolute must watch that has flown completely under the radar.