Oversize Love (China 2020) - Movie Review

A fat girl with cheerful and generous personality gets caught between her feeling for her childhood sweetheart and a famous idol, after an unexpected...
Director Linzi Zhang
Starring Guan Xiaotong, Johnny Huang, Darren Chen, Shan Lu
Alternative Names 月半爱丽丝

Welcome to our short review of the cute Chinese romantic comedy Oversize Love.

What’s this movie about?

Xiaoxi is a little overweight. She’s a fashion photographer who desperately wants to fall in love, and one day when an up and coming heartthrob comes to her studio, she sets her sights on him.

There’s only two things standing in her way. Her weight, and her childhood friend Han Bing.

When a chance encounter with the Mad Hatter throws her into a real-life fairytale, she drinks a potion to make herself slim, scoring the adoration of her new crush. But it comes with some nasty side effects, one of which has a drastic affect on her secret crush: childhood friend Han Bing.

Is it Worth Watching?

This movie indeed takes great inspiration from the fairytale Alice in Wonderland. From the rabbit leading her down a hole, to the Mad Hatter, to the potion that gives her what she wants and her new adopted stage name of Alice.

And for the most part, it’s a very inoffensive and cute film. Xiaotong Guan seems believeable in the role of Xiaoxi, but really only when she is in the fat suit. The skinny Xiaoxi isn’t a very relatable character.

TV series actors Darren Chen and Johnny Huang are great as her rival love interests, with Huang as Han Bing being the kind of guy most women would kill to end up with.

However, the movie is let down but some very poor visual effects and an ending that is non-sensical and rushed, ruining the cute vibe the film desperately built up in the first 90 minutes

It deserved a much better ending, or at least one that tries to tell audience what the outcome was, and because of this, I having a hard time recommending this movie, unless you stop watching it after 90 minutes