The Rescue (China/Hong Kong 2020) - Movie Review

Gao Qian, an elite Chinese Coast Guard, must battle personal issues in-between exciting rescue scenes
Director Dante Lam
Starring Eddie Peng, Xin Zhilei, Ian Wang
Alternative Names 紧急救援

Welcome to our short review of the Chinese Hong Kong action co-production The Rescue

What’s this movie about?

Gao Qian is the elite of the elite. The leader of the Coast Guard rescue squad who is responsible for the actual rescue proponent of their missions. He has a small and loyal team, full of highly trained and very fit men.

But after their helicopter pilot quits, the new replacement Fang Yuling causes a little bit of ruckus. She is a serious, but pretty, woman with a strong focus on getting the job done right without putting anyone at risk. Kind of in contrast to what Gao Qian does.

Gao Qian is also a single father, and as the movie progresses, elements of drama are added into his exciting yet tragic storyline, culminating in a typical movie happy ending.

Is it Worth Watching?

This movie is a bit of checklist of action elements, so play along to determine if you should watch this

Do you like Eddie Peng, and seeing him running around with no top?

Do you like over the top and ridiculous action scenes?

Are you a fan of far too much CGI in movies to the point where nothing seems real?

Do you like cute child actors with sad backstories?

Do you like constant drama and tension in your action films?

Are you expecting 2 hours of entertainment?

If you answered more Yes than No, then watch this film

For me though, I actually enjoyed it, and that makes it a thumbs up for me. Although I am sure Ill change my mind if you ask me next week.