The Rope Curse 2 (Taiwan 2020) - Movie Review

The sequel to the surprising 2018 blockbuster Taiwanese horror flick
Director Shih-han Liao
Starring Hsu An-Chih, Vera Chan, Lee Kang-Sheng
Alternative Names 粽邪2:馗降

Welcome to our short review of the Taiwanese horror sequel The Rope Curse 2

What’s this movie about?

Taking a slightly different approach to the first movie, this title focuses on the Thai Demon, an evil spirit who possesses its host causing him or her to be driven to suicide, with the curse then passing onto the next willing and weak of willed person.

The movie starts as the last movie ends, with two webstreamers hoping to out-perform the viewing numbers set by the Rope ritual streamers. They call the Chair Maiden, an infamous Taiwanese urban legend, with the help of a girl, Chai-min, who has psychic powers.

Chai-min has a difficult life, living with her aunt and abusive uncle, who is found dead, hung from a tree. He is a victim of the Thai Demon, and alongside a Taoist priest who blames himself for the death of his master, they partner up to capture the spirit of the demon and return it to a sacred vessel before it claims any more victims.

Is it Worth Watching?

Supernatural horror films are a very particular genre of horror that you either like or dislike. When done right, they’re really good, and for the most part this movie is done right, and thus it’s actually pretty good.

However at times it feels like a b-grade, direct to video horror film, rather than a cinematic release.

The acting at times is really hit and miss, with our two main characters being the worst culprits of some really wooden dialogue and action delivery. But funnily, it works.

Unlike the first film, the mythology of this one isn’t as fleshed out, and thus can become a little confusing at times. The spirit is great, nice and evil, and at times there is a real Evil Dead vibe to the movie with the possession scenes.

But this is a fun and entertaining film that won’t change the horror world, but certainly sits comfortably within it.

I give it a thumbs up.