Goemon Rock 2: Rose and Samurai film poster

Goemon Rock 2: Rose and Samurai

A woman has thrown herself away for rescuing a country. A man has picked up a sword to protect a woman. Time in the 17th century, and place in the Iberian Peninsula. The master thief of the era Goemon ISHIKAWA (Arata FURUTA) has been rampaging in the Mediterranean Sea as a protector of a female pirate named Anne the Tornado (Yuki AMAMI)./span> One day, it turns out that Anne is the heir-to-the-throne of a small country. Heard of the corrupt politics in that country after the king's death, her inborn masculine spirit makes-up her mind to become the Queen of the country. The first duty as the Queen is to eradicate the pirates. Against her will, she is forced into a fight against Goemon who protected her former comrades. Godemon, who became suspicious of the series of events, brakes into the...

3h 17m
Release Date
25 June 2011
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