Grown-ups Just Don't Understand film poster

Grown-ups Just Don't Understand

Jun, who was once an amateur boxer, becomes acquainted with Min-Yong by chance. Jun wants to help him and sends him to a kindergarten. Min-Yong makes the kindergarten fussy and makes the teacher Yu-Ra in trouble. Jun meets Yu-Ra to discuss about Min-Yong, and they fall in love with each other. Jun leaves for hard training, and Min-Yong is sent to Children's Welfare Institute for adoption, but he runs away from there. Min-Yong meets Dal-Kom in secret, but Dal-Kom asks Yu-Ra for help. Consequently, they bring Min-Yong, who loses consciousness, to the hospital. On the other hand, Jun wins in the title match with the Thai's champion Okampo. He celebrates his victory with Yu-Ra and Min-Yong. Finally, Min-Yong says goodbye to them and heads for the airport.

1h 35m
South Korea
Release Date
01 July 1988
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