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That night, a man with dark eyes arrived at a deserted beach. He was on a heavy mission. That same night, a girl stands on the roof of a building. She was about to take her own life. As if guided by fate, the two lonely souls meet in Yokohama at night. However, the man the girl meets by chance is a man whose name, identity, and even words are sealed, and who has been sent to Japan for the sole purpose of "assassination. As a person who should not be in Japan, he was supposed to just carry out his mission and disappear like a "ghost". However, he meets a girl and fails to escape from Japan. From that moment on, he becomes an object to be erased. The organization that hired him, the yakuza who killed his friends, and the reporter who holds the information.... Under siege and pursued by...

1h 46m
Release Date
20 October 2009
Toshiro Sonoda
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