My Daughter Saved from Den of Evil 2 film poster

My Daughter Saved from Den of Evil 2

Yu-ri, a 16-year-old model student, runs away from home one day. She is reprimanded at school and her parents find out about their daughter's deviation. Yu-ri's parents conclude that it is because of Yu-ri's relationship with a juvenile delinquent named Jun. But Jun and Yu-ri are just innocent friends. Jun protects Yu-ri and her friends from society's violent organizations. When his mother is tormented by her lover, Jun stabs him. Afterwards, Jun, Yu-ri, and their friends take off together in search of an island where their dreams can come true. No one holds out a forgiving hand driving them into desperation. They are about to give up when Jun meets with death and the rest of the youngsters are reconciled with their parents.

2h 0m
South Korea
Release Date
05 July 1986
Kim Ho-sun
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