Prison on Fire: Life Sentence film poster

Prison on Fire: Life Sentence

A group of prisoners were doing a variety of activities on the courtyard. Big Fool (William Ho) and Crazy Bill (Tommy Wong) were playing basketball where Bill kicks the ball towards Tung (Ben Wong), who kicks it away. Bill felt humiliated by it and stars a fight with Tung where Tung ends out hospitalized. During hospitalization, Tung thinks about the time when his family moved to another house and opened a food stall nearby. However, their stall was burnt by triad leader Sing (Bill Lung), who constantly bullies Tung's family and also raped Tung's girlfriend, Sau (Iris Wong). Unable to tolerate Sing's bullying, Tung kills Sing by chopping him to death, which leads Tung to being imprisoned.

1h 24m
Hong Kong
Release Date
08 March 2001
Edmond Yuen
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