The ABCs of Our Relationships film poster

The ABCs of Our Relationships

A story about three youths of the 21st century with separate lives meeting and journeying their lives together. Min Gyu lives a repetitive life of filming documentaries and working part time jobs , juggling between championing injustice with filming and struggling with financial problems. Hannah struggles with finding her new identity after quitting her dream which was figure skating. Ju Hee who will have to brace her past pain while searching for her biological mother. The journey to find Ju Hee's mother brought all three youths together, allowing them to see life from different perspectives and to build the identity that truly defines each one of them. In between Min Gyu and Hannah's feelings start to develop.

South Korea
Release Date
28 January 2021
Lee In-eui
Alternative Film Name(s)
 Gwangyeui Ganadae Issneun Ulineun, Gwangyeeui Ganadae Ittneun Urineun
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