The Fox Dancing in the Dusk film poster

The Fox Dancing in the Dusk

During the Edo period, the darkenss after sunset is the time when people's faces blend in the dark and silence fills the streets. People greet this time of day with fear as evil spirits are said to roam the rivers and mountains. Sanosuke (Eita) earns his bread and butter working through the darkness. One day, he meets a mysterious man Ihei (Hashizume Isao) at his usual place, Okame. Ihei propositioned a get-rich-quick plan and asks if Sanosuke is in game. Sensing something dangerous about Ihei, Sanosuke stalks. Around the same time, he unexpectedly ends up living with a woman named Okumi (Ishibashi Shizuka). Hoping for a future with her, Sanosuke finally joins Ihei's robbery plan. Other accomplices are Iguro (Ogata Naoto), a masterless samurai with a sickly wife; Sentaro (Nakamura Aoi),...

1h 32m
Release Date
19 January 2019
Alternative Film Name(s)
 Yami No Haguruma
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