First Trailer for Chinese Animation "First Superhero: Monkey King"

Check out the trailer for the brand new Monkey King animation film - The First Superhero: Monkey King with English subtitles.

Check out the first trailer for the Chinese animation The First Superhero Monkey King below!.

A short and sweet synopsis for this one, this delightful looking animation film tells the story of the stone monkey, from the moment he falls out of the sky until he becomes a hero.

Keep an eye out for more popular and well known characters in this one, including a chubby looking Nezha!

This movie is co-directed by Michelle Qi and Ralph Zondag. Michelle’s previous work is as a producer for the 2012 animated film Save the 365th Day, while Ralph is known for his work in a slew of animated Disney films including the writer of Pocahontas (1995) and Dinosaur (2000) which is also directed, as well as long list of art department credits.

Voice work is being done by Wei Zhong with a long list of TV series credits to his name including the movie Pets United (2019) and Qi Zhang from Kung Fu Mulan (2020), Pets United (2019) and the Chinese dub of Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back (2019)

The First Superhero Monkey King is set to release in China cinemas on August 12 2022

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