Jiang Ziya (China 2020) - Movie Review

Banised god Jiang Ziya must chose between saving or destroying a young girl whose life is linked to the Fox Demon
Director Cheng Teng, Li Wei
Starring Zheng Xi, Guangtao Jiang, Ji Guanlin
Alternative Names 姜子牙, Jiang Ziya Legend Of Deification

Welcome to our short review of the Chinese animation Jiang Ziya

What’s this movie about?

Essentially, Jiang Ziya has been banished from the heavens for failing to execute the Fox Demon. The reason? She cast an illusion, tricking him into believing there was an innocent girl living inside her.

10 years later, and Jiang Ziya, alongside Shen Gongbao, are waiting to return to the heavens when a young girls enters their life. She’s looking for her father, but Jiang Ziya notices a lock on her leg, and recognises this as a tether to the Fox Demon he failed to kill a decade before.

Now Jiang Ziya must stop the Fox Demon from being reincarnated, and to take his rightful place as a God in the heavens.

Is it Worth Watching?

Your mileage on this one will depend on a few factors, and the important one is: how well do you know the tale of Jiang Ziya?

The reason I mention this, is because this movie is a confusing mess.

The pace of the story is remarkably swift, moving from scene to scene with such breakneck speed that following what’s going on becomes rather pointless.

On top of that, the animation is not up to the same level of NeZha, where a colourful palette and interesting characters have been replaced with drab colours and an uninteresting lead.

The movie is bookended by some fun and exciting scenes, but the filling falls well short of expectations.

Who is this movie for? Its too dark and serious for kids, and potentially the wrong medium for adults. It’s an all-round wasted opportunity.

I give this a thumbs down.