Second Trailer for Awesome Looking Chinese Animation "New Gods: Yang Jian"

Check out the seconds awesome trailer for the Chinese animation New Gods Yang Jian - Coming very soon!

Check out the second trailer for the highly anticipated Chinese animation film New Gods: Yang Jian below!.

Continuing on Lightchaser Studios excellent reimagining of the Fengshen Gods after their hit Nezha Reborn back in 2021, this movie follows Yang Jian 1500 years after the conclusion of the Fengshen war. Relegated to selling trinkets, Yang Jian takes on a dangerous job from a mysterious figure who asks him to hunt down a teenager. But the identity of this teen ends up being closer to Yang Jian than he realises, and sets him an adventurous mission

This animation film is being directed by Zhao Ji, who has helmed previous Lightchaser Animation Studio films White Snake, Green Snake and New Gods Nezha Reborn.

Kai Wang is one of the voice cast for the film, with previous works in TV series such as Word of Honour (2021), Painting The Night God (2020), First Dragon (2020) and He Shen Season 2 (2020) amongst his long list of projects.

And joining him is Guanlin Ji who recently provided voices on Jiang Ziya (2020), Big Fish and Begonia (2016) and TV Series The King’s Avatar (2017)

At the time of publishing there is still no set release date for this film, expected sometime in 2022.

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