The Master Of J-horror Is Back With 'Stigmatized Properties', But Does It Live Up To Expectations?

A comedian sleeps in haunted apartments and documents what he encounters for a reality TV show. Sounds like a great premise, right?
Director Hideo Nakata
Starring Kazuya Kamenashi, Nao, Koji Seto, Noriko Eguichi, Mao
Alternative Names 事故物件怪談 恐い間取り

So if ANYONE could make an awesome horror movie, it would be the director of Dark Water and The Ring, surely… right?

Nothing like starting a movie review with a bit of sarcasm right? But surely the appeal of this movie is that fact that one of the greatest J-horror directors of all time is taking on the concept of the haunted Japanese house.

Or, as they’re known: Stigmatized Properties. Which co-incidentally is the name of this movie.

What’s this movie about?

Yamame and Nakai are a comedy duo called Jonathans, but their latest show is a failure, eliciting a chuckle from only one audience member, a fangirl named Kosaka.

When Nakai wants to split up the duo to pursue a TV writing career, Yamame is left with nothing until the TV station director decides, on the spot, he wants Yamame to spend some time in a haunted apartment and document the results.

With the help of Nakai and Kosaka, who coincidentally gets a job at the same TV station at the same time as a make-up assistant, he encounters and documents a spirit, and the show is an instant success.

This leads him to renting out more haunted apartments, but it comes at a cost. An evil spirit has latched onto him, having an effect on his physical and mental health.