Here are Five 2022 Valentine’s Day Chinese Cinema Movie Releases!

It's that time again! Valentine's Day! The day for love - and here are the five new romantic movies set for release in Chinese cinemas on the 14th of...

Every February there’s love in the air! With the 14th of February being celebrated worldwide as the traditional day of lovers, that is Valentine’s Day, Chinese movie producers have realised the power of releasing romantic dramas and comedy movies on that day.

So grab your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband or friend with benefits and head off to cinema to watch one, or all of these five romantic films set for release.

Ten Years Of Loving You

First up is this feel-good romantic love story about a couple who fell in love when they were young, but external forces pulled them apart due to their different family statuses. 10 years later they finally meet again as adults and rekindle their relationship, ignoring those external forces and instead, gaining their blessings. But is there a happy ending for our couple here?

Romantic movies need good looking casts to bring the audience in, and this movie is no exception. Yuxi Ding, also known as Ryan Ding, is the male lead for this film who is making a transition from TV dramas into movies while Min Ren is the female lead, another TV actress who is looking to make the transition into movies.

This one is going to be perfect for those couples who have had similar experiences, who have rekindled a long-lost relationship with their first love. But it also looks like a massive tearjerker, so be prepared before you watch this one.

0.1% World

This movie is getting a massive marketing boost, so could end up being the number 1 romantic movie of the season. Sometimes the love of your life can be found completely by accident, and this movie sets out to show that something like that can happen.

The world is a big place, but how hard is it to find someone who truly understands you? An architect assistant, played by TV actress Yiran Zhou who also had a small part in My People My Country, and a piano tuner playing by up and coming Taiwanese actor Patrick Shih somehow form a connection that drives them completely crazy, and completely in love!

This delightful-looking romantic comedy is definitely the movie to keep an eye out for this season.

Our Memory In Beijing

Another movie tackling the romantic idea of a love at first sight couple rekindling a relationship after a long period, Our Memory In Beijing is probably a movie that is more aimed directly at the Chinese audience considering some of the themes in this movie.

Set initially in the 90s, under the backdrop of the Hong Kong handover, this movie follows our two lovebirds as their lives get consumed in the rapid nature of life, but they drift apart,  only to rekindle 20 years later in Beijing.

While it gives off both comedy and drama vibes, we can’t say this one has our attention in this rather strong field of movie competitors.

Don't Forget I Love You

And talking about strong competition, Don’t Forget I Love You is probably about as strong a competition as a movie could get during Valentine’s Day. This movie has HIT written all over it, and it plays on that tried and true formula made popular with 50 First Dates all those decades ago, and continuing with movies such as I Remember from last year.

A woman discovers that her boyfriend will forget everything that happened the day before when he wakes up the next morning so she takes it upon herself to ensure that she creates remarkable memories for him.

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, good looking casts sell, and you can’t much better looking than Uyghur actress Bextiyar Gulnezer, also known as Coulee Nazha, who was last seen in Louis Koo’s Dynasty Warriors and Taiwan’s Jasper Liu from many popular romantic TV dramas.

Keep your eye on this one.

Crush On You

And now for something a little wacky and a little crazy, but still romantic! The plot of this one is so crazy it's hard to describe. Something about a girl who gets full of electricity when her heartbeat rises above  120 who then can zap people who get too close to her.

A beautiful blend of anime cut scenes and crazy live-action set this one apart from the crowd, with 25-year-old Josie Xu playing the lead role of the schoolgirl full of electricity. We like Josie, she was in one of our favourite Chinese horror movies from 2015 – The Strange House, but we haven’t seen much of this Taiwanese actress since, so it's good to see her again! Starring alongside side her is Zhan Shi in his first movie role, which looks to be a decent first up film.

This movie will have its audience with the younger crowd, who will probably lap up the awkwardness of the characters and the terrific style of the film.