The Rope Curse 2 - TRAILER (Taiwan, 2020)

Surprise 2018 horror hit "The Rope Curse" gets a sequel. Check out the trailer here!

This snuck up on us! Director Liao Shih-Han's surprise 2018 horror hit gets a sequel, and we've got the trailer, with English subtitles, below!

While not a direct sequel to the first movie, The Rope Curse 2 sets about to explore more of folklore behind the rope ritual and the spirits trapped within. This movie should be in good hands - the producers are the same ones behind the excellent Tag Along series, as well as the average The Bridge Curse

The first Rope Curse movie was actually pretty good. A mixture of supernatural and modern horror elements, with a complete absence of violence, made it an enjoyable film. Check out The Arty Dans review of the original below.

As always, Asian Film Fans has translated the original Chinese trailer, adding English subtitles for you to fully enjoy.

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