Yin Yang Master Dream Of Eternity (China 2020) - Movie Review

Qingming and Boya must team up to defeat the Evil Serpent in this movie based on the hit mobile game
Director Guo Jingming
Starring Allen Deng, Mark Chao, Olivia Wang, Jessie Li, Wang Duo
Alternative Names 晴雅集

Welcome to our short review of the Chinese action fantasy movie The Yin Yang Master (Qing Ya Ji) Dream Of Eternity

What’s this movie about?

The evil serpent is about to wake, and the four guardians need to come together to defeat it.

We follow Qingming, half-human half-demon guardian who travels to the Imperial City to participate in the ritual on summons from the Princess. While in the city preparing for the ritual, he crosses paths with Boya, a hot headed guardian with a deep hatred of all things demon.

But Boya must put aside his this hatred and team up with Qingming to ensure the Evil Serpent is defeated.

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Is it Worth Watching?

Strangely, for a Guo Jingming film, this movie actually makes a lot of sense. His films tend to suffer with over-storytelling, to the point where they can become really boring, and while the move threatens to do that towards the middle, he thankfully steers the ship in the right direction.

From spell casting, to the demons and all things in-between, the heavy and liberal use of CGI in the film is on par, or even above, most productions coming out of the mainland today, with a few tiny exceptions such as the hair demon and the serpent at the end.

Performance wise, Mark Chao and Allen Deng are solid, with a fairly obvious chemistry between the two of them coming out nice and clear on screen.

The sets are impressive and colourful, and the supporting cast does a decent job, including Olivia Wang as the long-suffering Princess.

Even with its faults and cries of plagiarism, this is a movie I actually enjoyed

This one gets a surprising thumbs up.