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Ninja Girl

The story unfolds with the main character, 25-year-old Miu Komaru, who lives on the outskirts of Fukuya City. Miu, who is single and cares for her grandfather Goro, works at the city hall but is isolated, and the only person who can snuggle up is Koji Mano, who works at the same office. One day, Mano commits suicide from the roof of the city hall, but it was the death after being ordered to "falsify documents" unreasonably. Goro gives a shocking mission to Miu, who returns home in grief, to "take away the data of the falsification instruction in order to take a lie," and Miu secretly stands up with "things that are not usually noticeable" as a weapon. —HateHoollywoodNetflix

1h 28m
Release Date
21 August 2021
Yu Irie
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