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Sang Pialang

Tells about the friendship of three young people, Mahesa (Abimana Aryasatya), Kevin (Christian Sugiono) and Analea (Kamidia Radisti) who are engaged in the stock exchange. Various conflicts began to occur. Starting from work, friendship to the love triangle between Mahesa, Kevin and Analea. Mahesa at the lowest point in his life. His father got sick because of him and he also lost Ray, his best salesperson. Plus about his love affair with Analea who had the same fate. In contrast to Kevin who was having the upper hand. All his friends were happy to approach him and Analea was successful in his possession. Mahesa's downturn made Analea feel guilty. He felt that everything that happened in Mahesa's life was because of his fault. One day Analea offered to help Mahesa to atone for her guilt....

1h 52m
Release Date
17 January 2013
Asad Amar Zoni
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