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A Life of Papers

Based on a real case, A Life of Papers tells the story of the 82-year-old Chu, a “cardboard granny” who makes her living by collecting waste cardboard boxes and selling them to recyclers at as low as HK$1 per kilogram. Under-privileged and oppressed, Chu almost consistently runs into conflicts with the merciless law enforcers, as well as the blood-thirsty press. The film also depicts her bonding with two other persons: a 10-year-old AD/HD kid and Ling, her long-time crippled mate whom everyone believes to be her husband but what lies behind is a Platonic relationship of secret intimacy and loving care. Chu’s story also affects the young soul of the ambitious and fame-driven reporter, Heidi.

Hong Kong
Release Date
01 January 2000
Xia Ren
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