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Breakout Brothers

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The prison is lead by 2 powerful prisoners, triad leader Big Roller (Patrick Tam) and life imprisoned inmate Scar (Justin Cheung). The peaceful prison life changes when a wrongly accused inmate Mak Kin-tin (Adam Pak) joins the prison. Things became more complicated as Kin-tin was constantly being threatened by Scar, Kin-tin giving up his appeal request and was later bullied by other inmates when they found out he was involved with destroying the storage unit with the belongings Big Roller's presumed deceased daughter, when in actuality, Kin-tin was framed. In order to protect his life, Kin-tin takes the suggestion of his cellmate, Ho-ching (Louis Cheung), and they work together to plan a precise escape from prison. To avoid the strict supervision of Warden Tang (Kenny Wong),...

1h 30m
Hong Kong
Release Date
03 December 2020
Ho Pong Mak
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