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Food Luck

Gril, eat, cry a little and then eat some more. It's all about the food. Yoshito is a fan of grilled meat grewing up with his mother after the passing of his father. Together with his mother, they ran a yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant left by the father. Yoshito enjoyed eating his mother's cooking and their restaurant was loved and popular with many people. However things changed after popular food critic Furuyama Tatsuya published false statements about their restaurant causing drastic drop in customers. Between choosing to pay attention to raising her son or running a restaurant, she decided to close the restaurant. 18 years later, Yoshito now lives alone working as a freelance writer. Receiving assignment from a new online foodie website, his first assignement was about yakiniku....

Release Date
31 October 2020
Jimon Terakado
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