Kung Fu Master Is My Grandma! film poster

Kung Fu Master Is My Grandma!

A juvenile delinquent is sent to live with her grandmother after being paroled from the Girls' Penitentiary, only to find that the frail old woman could be her only hope for survival after getting mixed up in some seriously shady business. When Gucci (Isabel Chan) was tossed into lock-up, her father had already been dead for years. Gucci always thought that her mother would live forever, but upon getting out of prison she discovers that her mother, too, has passed away. Now Gucci's sole guardian is Wong Fei Hung (Helena Law), an old fashioned woman who isn't accustomed to change. At first aghast at the prospect of living with the crusty old woman, Gucci soon finds her life changed for the better thanks to grandma's wisdom and compassion. Later, when Gucci lands in trouble once again,...

Hong Kong
Release Date
19 June 2003
Bowie Lau
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