Super Lady Cop film poster

Super Lady Cop

The result of a top secret project spearheaded by the Chinese government to create the ultimate soldier, Agent Nieh Ling (Khan) possesses superhuman strength and agility. She's also the only test subject that doesn't go insane as a result of the experiments she's subjected to, so when three of her fellow operatives embark on a rampage of violence in Hong Kong, Ling is dispatched to take them out. After a freak accident erases her memory, the super soldier is taken in by a wisecracking cop and his girlfriend, who nickname their high-kicking new pal "Chun Li." The suddenly-carefree Ling begins to enjoy the lighter side of life, but when her deadly targets surface, Ling and her new friends find themselves in the fight of their lives.

1h 32m
Hong Kong
Release Date
21 October 1992
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