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God in Jail

Based on the true story about former cult leader of the religious group "Ho No Hana Sanhogyo", Fukunaga Hogen who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for fraudulent charges related to the fortune telling fraud, director Banmei Takahashi presents another social works which draws the audience's attention with his documentary style direction. Teruyoshi Fukunaga was born during the end of the war, grew up to be an honest child due to the deep affection of his mother, Fusako, despite the poor family environment. Teruyoshi started a business with his colleagues, but the company went bankrupt due to a bill fraud. Teruyoshi was so angry that he tried commiting suicide with a gas pipe in his mouth but the spur of moment, Teruyoshi, who heard the voice of heaven with thunder, woke up to a...

1h 45m
Release Date
01 April 2016
Alternative Film Name(s)
 Hei No Nakano Kamisama
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