Tarung Sarung film poster

Tarung Sarung

  • Drama
  • Release Date : 26 March 2020

Deni Russo, an 18 year old is the only son of the owner of Ruso Corp, one of the largest property corporation in Indonesia, considered as the third richest person Indonesia. Deni was raised by his mother as his father passed away since Deni was young, For Deni money is everything and he even lost his faith in God. Everything changed when he went to Makassar to take care of the family business, and met Tenri, a Makassar girl activist who hates RUSO Corp as an environmental destroyer capitalist. Deni hid his identity to get Tenri's love. Problems arose when he met Sanrego the martial arts champion, TARUNG SARUNG. Deni was beaten by Sanrego and met Pak Khalid, a mosque guard. From Pak Khalid, Deni learned not only the SARONG FIGHT but also learned to know his God again. Is Deni able to...

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