The Bird Who Stops in the Air film poster

The Bird Who Stops in the Air

KIM serves as a professor of film studies at a rural college, away from his family. Having kept the memories of birds from his childhood, he intends to make a film based on the images of birds that appear in his dreams. In his position as educator, KIM finds himself torn between artistic ideals of the film and the realities of life which his student's must encounter daily. It is in this setting that he struggles to discover the nature of his identity. A middle school science teacher, Young-hee, although a long-time lover of KIM's is not confident in their future relationship. She asks KIM to accompany her to her childhood hometown. During the trip, the two begin to realize that each belongs to different realities from the other. Young-hee begins to desire a relationship of a different sort...

1h 46m
South Korea
Release Date
01 March 2002
Jeon Soo-il
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