Bedroom And Courtroom film poster

Bedroom And Courtroom

Lee Kyung-Ja's husband is constantly away from home, working hard for Il San, a major conglomerate. When he is fired, she becomes angry and sues the company, requesting alimony for her poor love life. After discovering the vicious nature of well-known lawyer Myung Sung-Ki (and after realizing that he represents Il San), seh decides instead to hire his wife, Lee Ki-Ja. In court, Lee Kyung-Ja's husband betrays her, revealing intimate details of their sex life. Humiliated, she decides to drop the case, until her lawyer reveals that she has similar problems in her own marriage. The two women open their hearts to each other and go back to face the court anew. As the lawsuit progresses, the dispute between accuser and the accused runs deeper. At last, they await the judge's decision...

1h 56m
South Korea
Release Date
01 August 1998
Kang Woo-suk
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