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During the Northern Song Dynasty, the valuable Xuanwu Order was lost to the rivers and lakes, and the four martial arts families fought against each other. Leng Xuanfeng trapped Nangong Yu and his men in the dense forest of Wolong Valley. At the same time, Princess Yongning, a descendant of the Zhou Dynasty, was captured by the young master of the Green Dragon Gate, Xu Lingyun, and Nangong Yu was so furious that he sent a letter to Master Jing Yuan of the Heavenly Mountains and Snowy Range. Mok Siu Ho obeys his master's order and returns to the mountain, resolving the feuds and disputes between the four families and restoring the peace of the rivers and lakes. Translated with (free version)

1h 30m
Release Date
20 August 2020
George Chi
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