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Mid-Night Train

Guangxi province, southern China, 4 Apr 2011. On the day of the Qingming (grave-sweeping) festival, 27-year-old Yang Jie (Huo Siyan) visits the orphanage in which she was raised after receiving a letter from its head (Li Zhu). When she arrives, however, the head denies she ever wrote to her. Along with the letter was a train ticket from Xijiang to Qingming that same evening and, after receiving some childhood mementos from the orphanage head, Yang Jie goes to catch the train. Tired from repeated nightmares and sedatives, she falls asleep in the waiting room and has a ghostly dream involving a child’s voice; waking up she finds someone has stolen a wig from her.

1h 24m
Release Date
08 March 2013
Jiangnan Zhang
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