The Wandering Earth - Special Edition: Beyond 2020 film poster

The Wandering Earth - Special Edition: Beyond 2020

In the year 2061, the Wandering Earth Project is a mass migration project to move Earth out of the solar system due to the aging sun is about to turn into a red giant which threatens to engulf the Earth's orbit within 100 years. The migration goal is to move to the Alpha Centauri system and needed 12,000 enormous fusion-powered Earth Engines built across the Northern Hemisphere to propel the entirety of planet Earth. Chinese astronaut Liu Peiqiang oversees the gravitational slingshot maneuver of Earth before going on his mission to the Navigation Platform International Space Station to help navigate the Earth along its interstellar journey. As human population dies in the next few years due to cataclysmic natural disasters and as the planet distances from the sun, most of the surface...

2h 17m
Release Date
26 November 2020
Frant Gwo
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