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Blue Moon

A warrior heads back in time, where he returns to a normal civilian, to improve his kung fu skills in order to protect his fellow warriors from an evil god in an impending battle that originally claimed their lives! Warrior - Changfeng (Liu Yuqiao) led a team of Murong Tiange (Wenxi), Mingyue (Liu Yitong) and a number of partners formed by the civilians, they fight the ancient evil gods who return to the world. In the end, Changfeng beheaded Chi You and became a hero of salvation. However, his cherished partners lost their lives. Changfeng regretted about what was happened. When he was in grief, he accidentally touched the mysterious props. Time went back and it took Changfeng returns to 10 years ago! The salvation hero has changed back to ordinary civilians, but Changfeng still has...

Release Date
23 March 2020
Alternative Film Name(s)
 蓝月, Lan Yue
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